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Frequently Asked Questions
GraduFund is a one-stop career destination offering services, resources and funding aligned to career and employability. We have been covered in various media houses for our unique approach to student financing.

-Explore Collections : An Assorted collection of handpicked career resources for you, like where to find a job, the best apps, best eLearning resources, best scholarships and career news.

-Explore Career Services : You can explore our premium career services from scholarship listing, to college application review, to resume editing.

-Crowdfund Ideas : Seek public validation for your ideas, share with the world for free, raise funds to bring ideas to life.

-Earn GraduPerks™ : Reward points for your interactions here. Use them to avail services and deals, and financing fee waivers!

-Financial Support: Request funds, tell us why you need it. If approved, we help find the best financing mix.

Our super talented and experienced founding team comprising individuals from world's most reputed Engineering and MBA institutions like IIM, ISB, IIT, NIT and Indiana Kelley School of Business, have developed the product based on combined experience of 10 years in developing technology product, strategy consulting and managing product for financial, technological and education industries.
Absolutely nothing, for most of the resources and services. For funding services, depending on the funding mechanism our system approves for you, our processing fee varies from 3% Annual Percentage Rate onwards.
Because we are the only platform offering such a wide array of career services, most of it is absolutely free. If that were not enough, you can trust our team pedigree from IIM, IIT, NIT and ISB - sign up to know the difference! Lastly, our funding services are available at processing cost as low as 3%.
Create a complete GraduFund Profile with personal , academic details, submit documents and raise fund request. We offer a mix of funding options based on your profile.
Approval decision take 2 days after document submission. Actual credit in your account depends on the funding mechanism we have approved for you.
No, this is a model that has been proven globally, and we are just adapting it to India. We believe Indian students should have the same access to career services and credit that their counterparts enjoy in other countries.
At present, one can raise 3 requests in a month. You do not lose anything in case the amount is not approved.
If you like us, invite your friends, spread the word on social media.
We use proprietary models to identify the right student for funding, and the purpose for which funding is needed. GraduFund uses proprietary technology and reserves the complete right to refuse or approve a fund request.
Very flexible - depends on your profile, purpose, profile accuracy and our unique proprietary GRADUSCORE™ algorithm that determines funding decision.
We encourage that when you can. Our system is extremely professional, automated and aims to inculcate Financial prudence and financial independence as good habits early on. Our algorithms also unlock GraduPerks™ rewards based on your interactions with our technology.
We need you to confirm you will do nothing illegal - drugs, weapons, anything illegal or unethical.
Only 3: Government ID Proof, Student ID Proof, Bank Account proof. Login to upload these.